The Silk Sisters

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Dressing up has never been such an adventure…

Hey. Dad’s car’s not here,’ said Rorie.

Maybe they got stuck in traffic or something,’ said Elsie.

Rorie took out her phone and blinked at the empty screen. ‘But they would have called me…look, nothing.

She let herself into the house. ‘Maybe they went out again for some reason… Mum? Dad?


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Imagine you can ‘become’ someone else: their appearance, their knowledge, their skills are all yours, for as long as you’re wearing their clothes. Now imagine that your parents have suddenly disappeared – and no one seems to know or care what has happened to them.

Not Uncle Harris, who runs the cruelly repressive boarding school you’re now forced to attend.

Not the famed style icon Nolita Newbuck, figurehead of a crazed fashion industry.

See Rorie & Elsie in all their wild outfits!

And certainly not Max Bix, who presides over a bizarre man-made island that’s a dustbin for ex-celebrities.

What do you do? How many people do you have to ‘be’, before you uncover the truth?

For Rorie and Elsie, it’s not until an extraordinary incident involving their pet chameleon and a bolt of lightning, that possibilities open up that they’d never dreamt of.

"Imaginative and fun" – Carousel

"Very funny and a good read" – Bookwitch

Here's some things you have to say about my Silk Sisters trilogy:

"I just wanted to write to say how great me and my friends think Pink Chameleon is! I read it a while ago now and absolutely LOVED it, it's one of my fave books!" Charlotte Mullarkey

"My favourite book by you is Blue Gene Baby and I enjoyed it thoroughly….Can't wait to read your next book." Emma Yeo

"i just recently got your book pink chameleon!! since i live in the US i had to buy it on amazon. i am half way through the book and it is soooo good!!!!!" Eleanor Challenger, Chicago

"My favourite book is "Pink Chameleon-The Silk Sisters". I really enjoyed reading that book. M favourite part was where when Rorie and Elsie escape from the boarding school using Rorie's special chameleon like qualities and then they hide in a truck that takes them to Nolita Newbuck's home." Harmanjot Kaur, Australia

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