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Posted: 10/11/2012 | Comments (20)

…At least for now. A quick glance at the Kitty Slade page will tell you that many, many readers have been asking about this, so I felt it was time to post something official on the subject. Here is the situation: my publishers, Orchard, decided to call it a day with number four. This does not mean there will *never* be any more Kitty Slade books – it just means not right now. Or next month. Or, because of how publishing works, next year. Will there be any in 2014? Will you care? (You might have moved onto adult books by then!) I don’t know. All I can tell you is that if you’re a fan of Kitty Slade (and I know there are quite a number of you out there!) I suggest you:

1. Tell all your friends about the books. Word of mouth is one of the best ways for books to gather readers;

2. Similarly, if you blog, then blog about Kitty Slade;

3. Ask your school’s literacy coordinator if they could arrange for me to visit your school;

4. Write to Orchard! Maybe you and your friends could all sign a letter – the more names there are, the better! The address:

Megan Larkin, Editorial Director,
Orchard Books
338 Euston Road
email address:

But the first of these is the most important one. Orchard have to make money; if the books start selling like hot cakes, they will want to do more!

I am currently working on something quite different, but I love Kitty Slade too, and would very happily return to her if asked. Sorry not to have better news for you. Here’s hoping things improve! Thank you all for your lovely messages, it means a lot to me. :-)

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  1. Ariana Said:

    omg I love those books they r rally scary for me but so interesting can’t put the book down :(

  2. Grace Said:

    Nooo! I LOVE the kitty slade books soooo much – and I’m sure that everyone who reads them will to! Please please PLEASE write some more and all your fans will love you even more! Me and my friends will definitely write to orchard and try to persuade them.
    Grace x

  3. molly Said:

    kitty slade books are great its sad orchard wont let her write more!! j.k.Rowling wrote 8 books and she is a millionaire there a great success omg I just thought Fiona could make films on kitty slade

  4. Juliet Said:

    Whhhaaatt!!!!!!?????? But I love those books! I’m currently reading the 3rd one and I need the 4th but there has to be more!!! Ugh… Why, Orchard, why?!

  5. Mia Said:

    that’s so sad I love those books.!!!

  6. Pandagirl Said:

    Wow, I haven’t been on here in a while, but never mind that! When I read this, I decided to start Operation: persuade Orchard to let Fiona write the 5th Kitty Slade book! (catchy title, right?) So, I’m going to collect and send to Orchard a list of people that enjoyed reading the books, mostly from my real-life friends, but I have posted on my main blog and my new Doctor Who themed blog that I started a couple of weeks ago; asking people to comment if they want their names on the letter! I’m also going to draw a picture of Kitty to put on my deviantART page, with another post like I put on my blogs in the description! We can do this!

  7. Sophie Said:


  8. Ella Said:

    Thats so sad the fact that there will be no more Kitty slade books for a long time. I’ll try all your tips and keep my fingers crossed.
    I love you Fiona.
    Ex :) :D ;) ;D

  9. Samantha Said:

    P.s I am your biggest fan…EVER!!!!!:-D

  10. Samantha Said:

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo upset that there aren’t going to be any more books soon! I finished reading all of them last year and then I kind of forgot about them, and then I had a look at your website and I just HAD to write a message! Pleeeeeeaaaaase write some more books! You are a brilliant writer and have really inspired me to write and you are my favourite writer… EVER!!!

  11. Abi Said:

    I think they should they just check out these comments! :D

  12. Laura Said:

    I’m really sad :( but I enjoyed all the books,thankyou!!

  13. Rainen Said:


  14. Shirley Said:

    Thanks for the reply.How do I talk to Orchard books?I told my friend about your books and can’t stop reading them!


  15. Shirley Said:

    I LOVE the kitty slade series and have read all of them. I WANT THE NEW ONE.

    You are an AMAZING writer!


  16. Lola Said:

    My cousin lent me the first book and it was amazing! I have now read them all and want the next one. PLEASE WRITE SOME MORE,YOU ARE A BRILLIANT WRITER!


  17. Lola Snow Said:

    My cousin lent me the first Kitty Slade book and the first word made me read more and more. It was amazing! It had mystery and ghost hunting which is exactly what a child of 12 wants to read. I couldn’t take the book out of my hands! Me and my cousin would go together and go and get the next books,but now we have to wait even longer. We can’t wait any longer!

    From your other BIGGEST fan

  18. Shirley Snow Said:

    The Kitty Slade series are the best books I have ever read. They are exciting and adventurous, it leaves you wanting to read more and more and always ends on cliff hanger.[AMAZING!] Fiona Dunbar is a great writer and shouldn’t stop writing! I have a whole section on my shelfs to do with Kitty Slade.

    From your BIGGEST fan

  19. Hannah Said:

    I am a little disappointed when I saw there are no kitty slade books left. What am I going to do?

    • FionaDunbar Said:

      Thank you all. Hannah: you feel the same way I do! But don’t forget, it could still happen. Sometimes word of mouth takes a while to do its stuff. By the way, I have now added an email address, if you want to write to Orchard Books. Lola and Shirley, I suspect you are related: there seems to be some competition in your household for the tag of ‘biggest fan’! Well, you are very sweet. Keep spreading the word :-)

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