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The Lulu Baker covers - find out about the series

Lulu Baker finds a magical recipe book that changes her life forever…

The writing is crisp and inventive ... will definitely delight kids captivated by modern fairy tales - Elizabeth Bird, New York Public Library, From School Library Journal

...readers will instantly bond with Lulu, cheering her on and loathing her future stepmother and stepbrother... -

...very enjoyable reading about a young strong hearted girl with a New Age cookbook. Overall, I found this book to be very well written and would recommend it for middle school students. Angela Kaczowka, grade 8, Boardman Center Middle School

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Meet the characters

Lulu Baker

Obviously, she needed a food-related name (like so many of the other characters).

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Some little-known Lulu Baker facts


Osun plantain flakes (Cupid Cakes).

Osun (pictured right) is a Yoruba goddess of water and fertility.

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Jinx BBC TV Series

The Lulu Baker series was turned into a TV show on CBBC!

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Recipe Downloads!

Inspired to do some baking? Try these recipes for yourself! They won't literally do magic, but they certainly are delicious

You can download: Cupid Cakes, Hush Brownies or Truth Cookies

Use the form on the gallery to send me your recipes and I’ll put them up here! Take a picture of your wonderful birthday cake, your Christmas cookies...anything. The more magical, the better! Then tell me a story connected to it – a funny story about something that went wrong, or who you were baking for, and why. Thanks!

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