“She was so small, shorter than me, and she can’t have been more than about seventeen years old. Kind of skinny…almost pretty, but not quite. And a ghost. Clearly, she was a ghost…”  – Fire & Roses

“The first thing I noticed was this: There was a girl lying at my feet. And it wasn’t just any girl.It was me.” – Raven Heart

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“Here I am…a fugitive on a secret fog-hidden island, risking my life to find out what happened to my parents, and now I’m turning into Elvis. Or Elv-ish, at least… Could life get any weirder?”  –  Blue Gene Baby

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“WARNING: These recipes work. In the wrong hands, they may be harmful. This book has come to you because it was meant for you, and no one else. Keep it where no one will ever find it. You have inherited a gift; use it wisely.”  –The Truth Cookie

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Fiona Dunbar: Toonhead


“I’m sitting on top of the world. Or a pile of poo, depending on how you look at it. How did I get here? Do you really want to know? I’ve been on a voyage to Hell and back. You know what people mean when they say you’re ‘gifted’? They mean you have a gift from God. Well let me tell you, there’s such a thing as a gift from the devil…”

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