About Me

I’ve written everything from picture books through to YA – my current passion and work-in-progress.I fell sideways into writing from illustration. Before my career as an illustrator, I worked as a commercial artist. Before that, I was (briefly) at art college in High Wycombe, the only 16-year-old there (I didn’t like school much). My entire life has been a series of happy accidents. But also, hard work has happened, in between the tearing-out of hair, the hiding under the duvet, the eating of cheese and chocolate – sometimes at the same time.

You might be here because you’re already a fan of my work, in which case here’s a big fat HI! Or perhaps you’re just vaguely curious about me and my work, in which case WELCOME; do visit me on Twitter or Instagram.

I live in North London (it’s grim up here) with my husband and (sometimes) my son and daughter. Aside from writing, my passions include vintage fashion, 90s trip-hop, 30s jazz, slow food, Greece, weird films, epic TV and silly cat videos.